TT2027 – The Power of Pencil on Paper

Let the words flow onto the paper
So that you can feel the scratch.
Feel the texture of the paper
Underneath your writing hand.
Feel the flow of black graphite
As it runs off the tip of your pencil

Creating the next letter
In the word
In the sentence
In the paragraph
Of the chapter
Of your next book!

The whole experience being guided
From somewhere else.
Written in a space of timelessness.
Written in a space that is yours alone.
Written in a space of pure potential!
Black on white.

Written as if you are in the story
Guided by characters that are performing
In front of you - true to form.
Written as an observer of human frailty
Woven into a storyline that is not yet
Completely obvious - even to you!

You are but a hollow bone.
A reed vibrating to the dance of time.
A pool of water reflecting what is true.
A breath of wind blowing onto other's faces.
A timeless channel of pure consciousness.
Just observing what's obvious.

Come! Join me in my land of plenty!
Let the flowers bloom;
Let the birds sing;
Let the music play;
Let the rich tapestry of colours
Be woven into our future!