Broadband: The Final Frontier

I hope you enjoy my first upload to YouTube!

It mixes ideas on Next Generation Broadband with the structure of a Palindrome.

If you have not seen one of these before, hang in there!  You won’t understand the real message until you get to the end.

Thanks to other Palindromes on YouTube for the inspiration!


J.S.Bach’s Crab Canon on a Möbius Strip

For those who know me, I just love the artistic form called the Palindrome or Crab Script.  I took a lot of inspiration from this piece by J.S. Bach – which plays the same forwards and backwards, as well as being able to be played forwards and backwards AT THE SAME TIME – and still be beautiful.  What a true masterpiece!

This video lets you see it being played on a Moebius Strip – all the more beautiful as an art form, linking geometry and music in this elegant (yet quite constricting) art form which I love to play with!