Harry’s a Dog

If you had asked me two years ago whether or not I liked dogs, I would have been pretty neutral.  I’ve lived with cats before, but dogs were different.  Anyway, to cut a long (shaggy dog) story short, Harry appeared in our house a year ago and – a year on – I would say that I do like dogs.  I like Harry in particular.

Harry is a Cocker Spaniel.  He is so fluffy, he is like a teddy bear.  He is intelligent and has stopped being a puppy (when everything got chewed).  He is energetic and playful.  Most of all, he allows us to go for a good walk everyday.



On Sunday we went for a fantastic walk to a nearby reservoir – and Harry kept running backwards and forwards to ensure his pack stayed together.

Anyway, I was thinking, what does Harry think?  And I came across this brilliant cartoon that probably summed it up:

Mind Full or Mindful

Says it all, really!


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  1. When we split up and Mum and Vicky marched at a slightly faster pace the gap between us was 50 meters. Harry is used to being called back by mother on walks if he runs out of sight. This calling is training which he is used to being called back to a group, but the group had split and this is a rare thing to happen. So naturally I think he saw it as usual. I bet when he looked back he was thinking, “Whats up with those two stragglers?”.
    This was Harry showing leadership skills. Probably a good ability needed for pack life.

    That picture reminds me of being a child and not having many thoughts and having more focus on the trees, sun shine and things on the paths. 🙂

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