What’s Your Favourite Colour?

I’ve always been fascinated by colour and believed that men and women see colours differently.  So I was both interested – and not surprised to see what researchers have found on the subject.  It proves that men and women not only prefer different colours, they also see more hues of colour than men.  Men, on the other hand, prefer shades.  Perhaps it goes back to our ancestors, where women were more attuned to gathering different types of fruit and men were looking for subtle shadows of beasts behind a bush.  Who knows?  Makes you think, though!

By the way, my favourite colour is blue!  But I was surprised that no men liked purple!  It was my favourite colour once as a teenager.  Before I turned to red – and eventually to blue.  I wonder if others have changed their preferences through their lives?

Oh, and just for fun, why not put down your favourite colour in the comments box below – and we’ll see if the research is borne out by those who read the blog.


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  1. Thanks Lorne.
    It seems that in trying to understand our present state we are constantly tempted further back in time to ascertain meaning. The 79ers delved into the late Victorian age for an economic model, the Victorians went to the Saxons for a national model and the Saxons looked at barrows and standing stones for an ancestral model, (oh OK, it’s all a bit large-brush-strokes but I hope the point stands.)
    Looking back earlier to our hunter-gatherer past for this Colour Chart Divergence certainly makes more scientific sense. Needy fruits and berries shouting ‘Pick Me! Pick Me!’ were not initially for the benefit of female Sapiens but humans adapt quickly and separately. The divergence of labour is still evident from the tiny amount of non-farming hunter gathers alive today. It is a very successful model, thousands of years old, and has much still to teach us about our modern selves, even up to the 80’s feminist approach of ‘We’re different but we’re equal.’
    Can we go beyond the question of gender?
    What about the question of age?
    All Nursery classes I have the privilege of working in seem to have the products of the Primary Colour B and Q range poured into the Large Hadron Collider and erupted out on every surface. Young humans certainly have a penchant for the Primary. At the other end of the scale a walk down any strand on the coast will enable viewer to spot male retirees at six thousand yards. A Primary Colour link to their younger selves.
    What about the question of class?
    My Dagenham friends need something sturdy to steady themselves when confronted with the strawberry and cantaloupe trousers of their Westminster and Chelsea confreres.
    What about questions of sexuality, nationality, family memory, personal trauma?
    It’s getting all too complicated and the risk of slipping up is becoming greater – but that is the challenge and glory of Thursday Thoughts, a springboard into divergent thinking. In the end personal preference proves or disproves the rule, so with that in mind;
    my favourite colours.
    The dirty green of the Afrika Korps blouse (nothing to read into here.)
    The light slate grey of an April morning.
    The multi faceted pastels of London Brick.

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