Emergence and Swarm Consciousness

As the honeybee swarming season is ending, I have been reflecting on the four swarms we have caught this season and the phenomenon that some call “swarm consciousness”. In researching more about the subject, I came across this short set of PBS videos describing a new way of thinking described as “emergence”. It not only describes the magic forces of nature that science somehow struggles with, it also gives a great explanation on how we learn. It is encouraging to hear that current computer design has a long way to go – and that the human brain still wins on its “connectedness”. Encouraging to think that swarm intelligence in humans is FAR greater than any political leader or dictator. Worth watching both clips and reflecting on them:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Escaping Flatland Thinking

I came across this short excerpt from the great film “What the Bleep Do We Know?” – in which Dr Quantum visits Flatland.  Makes you think!

And if you enjoyed that, you might enjoy this – which will begin to stretch your brain quite a bit:

And if you are still with me, come with me to the tenth dimension!

And if you are still with it, then you must be thinking: “Aren’t there really 11 dimensions?” – well here we are for a final brain stretcher:

And if you have gotten this far, I’ll next meet you in anti-time with Rob Bryanton!


We All Live on (Almost) One Island!

Whilst researching the great Buckminster Fuller, I came across a different way of looking at the world – which is called the Fuller (or Dymaxion) Map.

For all of the separation and differences we tend to create in our world, it is sometimes encouraging for us to look at the world through a unifying lens to realise that not only do we live on one planet – but that also we all live on (almost) one island!  Makes you think….

More on this – as well as other pictures at:



The Thought of No Thought

This morning at 11.00 many people stopped what they were doing, stood still and were silent for two minutes. I was one of them.

The first minute I thought of those I had known who were no longer here. Anthony Daly, a friend blown up by the IRA whilst on his horse in Hyde Park….and several others I will not name.

For the second minute I cleared my mind to have no thoughts – as if in a trance or meditative state of nothingness.  I thought how interesting it is to find a place where the Thought is “No Thought”. How very Zen!

And how healing it was to take a break from the visions I had of the horrors and casualties of War.

In the two minutes silence we are not told what to think – but thinking no thoughts can be very healing.

What did you think about at 11.00 this morning?