The Duck and the Bee

Once upon a time there was a duck

And the duck thought it was in luck

When it saw a tiny little bee

Buzzing in a nearby tree.

For the duck saw a chance

To show that it could advance

Into higher planes above the lake

Wherefrom it had been born a drake.

However, the bees in the tree

Had other ideas, you see.

The bees saw the duck

As a great chance to suck….

Suck what? I hear you say!

Ah, well, the bees could not pay

For the new nest they were creating

So the duck was definitely worth bating.

The tiny bees flew out of the tree

And began to sting the duck, you see.

So the duck quacked and quacked

And far away from the lake it flapped!

So the bees then drank from the lake

And stung any beast that came near to drink

And they quenched their thirst when it was sunny

So they could then to create lots and lots of honey.

The morale of this tiny fable that you all can take,

Is that however much a duck wants to rise up from the lake,

The little bees from the tree have other ideas that’ll mean, you see,

The duck can never elevate itself into the trees like a bee!