The Thought of No Thought

This morning at 11.00 many people stopped what they were doing, stood still and were silent for two minutes. I was one of them.

The first minute I thought of those I had known who were no longer here. Anthony Daly, a friend blown up by the IRA whilst on his horse in Hyde Park….and several others I will not name.

For the second minute I cleared my mind to have no thoughts – as if in a trance or meditative state of nothingness.  I thought how interesting it is to find a place where the Thought is “No Thought”. How very Zen!

And how healing it was to take a break from the visions I had of the horrors and casualties of War.

In the two minutes silence we are not told what to think – but thinking no thoughts can be very healing.

What did you think about at 11.00 this morning?